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Mushrooms Pillar Candle

Mushrooms Pillar Candle

Bring the magic of the forest into your home with these mushroom pillar candles. This hand-poured soy wax candle features a whimsical mushroom design that looks like it came straight from an enchanted woodland.

• Scented or unscented options are available
• Made from natural, soy wax
• Burns for 6-8 hours per use
• Comes in beige or brown colors
• Measures 4.5 inches tall

Let this candle fill your home with cozy warmth and transport you to a mystical place. The soy wax burns clean, without producing smoke or residue. The earthy scents and charming mushroom shape will delight nature lovers, free spirits, and anyone looking to add a touch of woodland wonder to their decor.

Give the gift of whimsy and set the mood with the Mushroom Pillar Candle. Perfect for yourself or a loved one who enjoys everything botanical and magical.